How To Shave Your Bikini Line

It’s almost beach season, which means it’s time to whip out the bikinis and short shorts. For some, it also means it’s time to get your bikini line in shape. The decision to shave your bikini line is completely up to you, but once you go down that road, it’s best to be equipped. Whether you’re low-maintenance all year round or trying to transition to regular trimming after a long winter , you might be facing down irritated skin, bumps, or stubble thatseems to regrow within a few seconds. But with the right tips and tricks, shaving your bikini line can be simple and stress-free.

So after a long winter of pajamas, binge-watching shows, and wholesale bikini pizza, it’s time to shed the layers, show off more skin, and restock that summer wardrobe. The bikini line is a big part of that equation, whether you’re hitting the beach or attending a friend’s pool party in your new favorite swimsuit. So why make it hard on yourself?

In partnership with BIC® Soleil Shine™, we give you the foolproof way to shave your bikini line. This way, you can focus on enjoying the season, soaking in the sun and not checking your email — just like it should be.

Get a Fresh RazorRaise your hand if the last time you changed your razor was. oops, you cant remember. You’re not alone. Razors can be so expensive that it’s tempting to stretch their lifespan to weeks and even months. But really, you should only use a blade four times at most to avoid shaving with a dull blade — which not only prevents a close shave, but also increases the risk of nicks — and rinse and dry it thoroughly each time you use it. Try the BIC Soleil Shine razor for a smooth shave. Its pivoting head and soothing moisture strip will lower your risk of irritation, too.

Prep Like a ProIn the same way you need to exfoliate before you use self-tanner, it’s vital that you slough off dead skin cells before you shave.  Before you get in the shower, dry brush your body with a brush made with jute or sisal fibers. Then, make sure you’re lathering up with a hydrating shave cream to ensure you get the smoothest skin surface possible before you shave. Plus, it helps the blades glide easily over any rough patches.

Time It RightIf you’re planning on going anywhere near a beach, don’t wait to shave the morning of. We know, we know: everyone procrastinates. But while shaving removes hair, it may also take the very top layer of skin with it. This is completely safe, but it  leave your skin more vulnerable to dryness and bacteria for a few hours — so it’s better to wait that out in your own bed than in, say, a resort pool. Then, once you’re ready to shave, hold off until after you’ve washed and conditioned your hair. Waiting at least five minutes to shave once you’re in the shower will give steam time to soften hair, making it easier to get a close shave.

Keep It SmoothGoodbye, ingrown hairs! If you’ve exfoliated first, you’re already ahead of the game. Make sure you shave in the direction of hair growth, which helps minimize irritation, and then follow up with a moisturizer to keep skin hydrated and healthy. Ready, set, hit the beach.

Jordan Crawford’s Shoes Are As Cold As Ice

In the past 30 minutes, I’ve learned new balance 420 womens maroon so much about the reasoning for why Washington Wizards guard Jordan Crawford decided to tweet out a photo of a bunch of Nike Zoom KD IV shoes in his fridge. At first glance, the idea of someone keeping their shoes in the fridge makes no sense. Why would you put those by the food you’re going to eat?

But maybe Crawford is actually smarter than all of us. Some possible explanations for why this photo exists:

This is actually a metaphor of sorts. Sneakerheads who are trying to save a pair of shoes to wear much later down the line say they’re “putting them on ice.” Maybe Crawford was taking this phrase very, very literally.As weird as it may seem, wearing shoes that have been in the fridge for a while might actually feel pretty good. I’ve never done it, but I can’t knock it until I try it.It was a prank by one of his friends.The shoes were actually worn recently, and this was a way to get rid of the odor.

Quidditch ‘lingerie’ gives new meaning to Potter mania

Sure, Harry Potter and the Deathly  Hallows Part 1 raked in an astounding $330 million worldwide in its opening weekend, but with Part 2 coming next summer, Warner Bros. is facing the twilight of its magical franchise.

Nofear. The studio still has lots of opportunity to milk its cash cow.

Harry lingerie manufacturer  Potter’s movie evolution Play it again piano Prince dies at 57 Vintage tattooing Trailer: The Godfather David Morrison defends Australian of the … Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott … Trailer: Raiders of the Lost Ark In a blog post entitled “Expecto Legalus” on Greenberg Glusker’s website, attorney Dan Nabel points out that Harry Potter’s favorite sport Quidditch has recently become an actual athletic event with a competitive circuit in New York City. Nabel examines whether Warner Bros. has any legal recourse to shut it down.We already know that Warners isn’t too keen on Harry Potter condoms. And it turns out that the studio has grabbed extensive trademark rights over “Quidditch.”

The studio’s first rights grab came back in November 1999. Warners went with the basics, locking up the typical Quidditch merchandise that might one day be licensed to playmakers

Thigh Slimming, Buttock Accentuating Lingerie

GlamorousAmorous plus size bra and underwear sets  has launched US designer and fashion stylist, Simeon Dacumos to the UK.  The San Francisco-based designer will present his two main collections, Tushe™’ and Aperitif™’, both of which will be available exclusively through the online boutique.

Simeon Dacumos, made his mark on the world of lingerie through his revolutionary Tushe’™ collection of undergarments. Tushe™’ was especially designed out of the desire for women to further accentuate their buttocks while simultaneously slimming the thigh area. The result is a fully adjustable garment at the thigh for extra slimming control and at the waste for additional comfort, and to further lift the bottocks.

Aperitif’™ is a couture inspired lingerie collection which combines elements of high fashion to classic lingerie, extending its role beyond undergarments.

Both styles are made from the highest quality of French lace, Italian trimmings and a luxurious mesh and lycra spandex from Belgium.

Simeon’s career in high fashion was born out of his desire to accentuate symmetry in the female form, inspired by working in a gym in San Francisco. He understands the insecurities and tribulations experienced by his female clients, and experiments with contouring lingerie.

Annabel Gatward, founder and director of GlamorousAmorous told, Simeon Dacumos is one of the world’s most exciting new designers who has managed to create a highly innovative and functional lingerie collection which is innately beautiful, exceptionally desirable and at the cutting edge of style. Simeon’s work is very much about extending the role of lingerie, beyond hidden undergarments, to playing a key part in high fashion at the same time as boosting a woman’s confidence.

Simeon told us With Tushe’™ and Aperitif’™ I aimed to venture back to the origin of lingerie’s intended purpose – acting as functional comfortable under wear, but more importantly about enticing a partner, adding romance and embracing female sensuality in a tasteful and elegant manner.

In terms of launching my plus size bra and underwear sets collections in the UK, I’m delighted to be represented by GlamorousAmorous which I believe is an online boutique offering the highest degree of quality, sophistication and style all round.

Kelly Brook Lingerie at New Look

Following the plus size bra and underwear sets fabulous success of her swimwear and clothing collections, 33-year-old English model Kelly Brook has launched her second line of lingerie exclusively for New Look!

New Look’s lingerie range includes bodysuits, bras, briefs, shapewear and . The new collection by Kelly Brook is made up of lingerie items designed to flatter and highlight women’s natural curves; what more could we expect from the lady with the killer curves? A perfect addition to the New Look in-store and online offerings!

Kelly Brook’s modelling career began at age 16 when she won a beauty competition in which she was entered by her mother. Since then, Kelly Brook has enjoyed an active career as a model and actress and has become famous for her sexy curves and womanly figure; she has even topped the ‘FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World’ list, so it’s not surprise that she would model her own collection for this sexy line.

In her career, before working in conjunction with New Look, Kelly Brook modelled for Bravissimo that specialise in lingerie for big breasted women and was also chosen to be the new face and body for the 2010 advertising campaign of lingerie maker Ultimo.  With these credentials, it is no wonder that Kelly Brook has gone on to launch her own lingerie collections with such fabulous taste and now in a High Street store for all to enjoy.

Kelly Brook Lingerie is a vintage look using lashings of lace, print designs and gorgeously deep red, purple and black colours. The thongs, 50’s-inspired high-waisted and Brazilian style briefs are available in sizes 8 to 16 and the Balconette or Plunge design bras up to size 36F; designed for women of all shapes and sizes to celebrate the female silhouette.

Kelly’s personal plus size bra and underwear sets favourites include the lace edged satin bra and knickers in navy and soft cream and the red satin lace body – supportive, sculpting yet beautiful and sexy. Top bestsellers online are the black lace thongs and both the plunge and push up bra.

Angelina Jolie Is the Lady in Pink at plus size bra and underwear sets Cambodian Opening Ceremony for Her Film

looked dazzling plus size bra and underwear sets in hot pink when she attended the opening ceremony for her new film , in Cambodia on Saturday.

Dressed in a floor-length bright gown, Jolie, 41, shared a special moment with King Norodom Sihamoni, who presented her with a bouquet of flowers.

The ceremony came hours after she was joined by her children — Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 8 — for of at the Terrace of the Elephant in the ancient Angkor Wat temple complex.

During the premiere, Jolie and her children spoke to the audience, with the actress-director referencing the deep connection she has felt with the country.

“I cannot find words to express what it means to me that I was entrusted with telling part of the story of this country,” she said. “This film was not made to focus on the horrors of the past, but to celebrate the resilience, kindness and talent of the Cambodian people.

“Most of all, this film is my way of saying thank you to Cambodia,” she continued. “Without Cambodia I may never have become a mother.  Part of my heart is and will always be in this country. And part of this country is always with me: Maddox.”

Maddox himself took center stage when he spoke to audience, saying:

“Thank you everyone for attending tonight. We finally made it. It’s a great honor to present this film to all of you, and to stand by my mother and my family. And now I’d like to introduce my little sister Shiloh, as she has something to say.”

Little Shiloh then stepped up to the microphone and told the crowd in Khmer: “My name is Shiloh and I love Cambodia.”

The Jolie-Pitt children were also on-hand to meet with King Norodom Sihamoni at the premiere.

Earlier in the day, the Oscar winner since she from , when she attended a press event for the film.

At the press conference, Jolie said she thinks of Cambodia “like a second home,” adding, “Maddox is happy to be back in his country.”

Based on the autobiography of the same name by Cambodian human-rights activist Loung Ung, a friend of Jolie’s,  tells the true story of the devastation inflicted on Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge communist party in the 1970s.

“I read many years ago,” Jolie said at the press conference. “It helped to open my eyes to what was going on the world.”

She added, “I wanted to tell the story to through the eyes of the child’s point of view, the love of a family, to show the beauty of the country and understand what Maddox’s parents may have gone through.”

More than two million people, out of a total population of seven million, were killed during the purge, including Ung’s father, mother and two sisters. The heart of it is Loung’s story, it’s the story of a war through the eyes of a child, but it is also the story of a country,” Jolie said in a for the film.

Jolie used only Cambodian actors, many of whom are the survivors or children of the survivors of the genocide. In addition, Jolie insisted only their native Khmer be spoken throughout the film. Jolie, Ung and the producers hoped the experience of making the film would be cathartic for those who participated.

The actress’s love affair with Cambodia began after she filmed in the country in 2000. Not long after she was finished with production, she returned to Cambodia as a volunteer for the U.N. refugee agency, UNHCR, for which she is now a special envoy. In 2002, Jolie adopted her first child, Maddox, from a Battambang orphanage.

He was the one who just called it and said he was ready and that he wanted to work on it, which he did,” Jolie recently told  of Maddox’s role in the film. “He read the script, helped with notes, and was in the production meetings.”

New Michelle for George Collection

From pop star, to west plus size bra and underwear sets end musical performer and now model, Suzanne Shaw’s career continues to sparkle as she unveils the latest collection for Michelle for George’ lingerie. What’s more, since being appointed to front the stylish brand, exclusive to Asda, sales have soared!

The Dancing on Ice champ, who is set to wed ex-Radio 1 DJ JK, proudly shows off her engagement ring and her curves as she models the latest collection, which has being flying off the shelves thanks to its purse-friendly prices. Starting at just £7.00, the range is the ultimate’ underwear choice for surviving the credit crunch.

Suzanne Shaw told, Stepping in front of the camera is never an easy task, never mind in your underwear! But I just love Michelle for George lingerie, I just couldn’t resist coming back to model the latest designs. Michelle for George lingerie is so stylish and comfortable, perfect for wearing under your party frock over the Christmas season.

My favourite garment is The One’ bra, which was created especially for Asda. It’s a lightweight cleavage enhancing bra and a fantastic buy for over the Christmas season, especially if you’re looking for some added help in the cleavage department! At only £12.00, it’s a real bargain too.

Michelle Mone, creator of Michelle for George told us, Suzanne looks gorgeous in the latest range. We have created a collection that oozes glamour, but without the luxury price tag. With prices starting at just £7.00, there are no excuses for not looking stylish and sexy in your lingerie this season.

Despite the current retail climate, Michelle for George sales are growing week-on-week, which is testament to that fact that women still want to look and feel gorgeous – even if it’s freezing outside and we’re all watching our pennies!

All Michelle for George designs blend youthful styling with flirty feminine touches using luxurious satins, elegant lace detailing and pretty bow ribbons. Available in this season’s jewel-inspired colours and sizing from 32A to 38D, to ensure the perfect look and fit, the collection will set the mood for a very Merry Christmas’.

The new Michelle plus size bra and underwear sets for George collection will be available in 130 Asda stores nationwide. Prices start from £7 for thongs, £8 for shorts, £16 for bras and £20 for Basques.


plus size bra and underwear sets

NightProwl recently launched plus size bra and underwear sets their new boudoir collection at The Catwalk Edit LFW Event last month and these new styles invite women to give into instinct and unleash their seductive nature. Here’s a quick look.

The new signature range called Prowl pushes seduction boundaries with its sheer mesh and revealing styles that are decorated only with the graphic NightProwl scratch. This is a really clean and simple style that looks fantastic!

Elysium is created with pure satin silk and Austrian Guipure lace and it really show! Its a very classic style with the lace and edging being the main focus. Its available in black and frosted white and would be perfect for special occasions.

Become a Femme Fatale with Valiance that both obscures and reveals with fabric that’s just waiting to be touched. This definitely has a vintage feel but with a nice modern twist. The matching briefs are lovely and create a perfect set.

Elixir is a bit of a treat with its lovely silk and exquisite Chantilly lace. This is ultimate boudoir lingerie. We love the playful strap detailing that contrasts really well with the classic sexy lace to give a sophisticated and seductive look.

NightProwl will soon plus size bra and underwear sets be stocked in top London boutique Dolci Follie in Notting Hill but you can buy online direct from the brands website.

Two Summer Sets That Won’t Break The Bank

As the weather seems plus size bra and underwear sets to be getting a lot nicer, for a while anyway, we’ve picked 2 sets that have taken our eye over the last week and are really excellent value for money.

The first is a lovely pink animal print bra from that’s very pretty and at the same time offers a little lift that will look great when wearing a summer top. You can get matching thong or shorts that will really make this set look fantastic this summer.

Now the bargain part of this is that its a two pack! Yes, at the time of writing you can get 2 bras for £20 and 2 knickers for £10, so that’s two summer sets for just £30 – sorted. If you want to save a little extra money then look out for some next vouchers online.

Our second choice is from Ann Summers and is a really gorgeous pink chiffon balconette bra. This will feel fantastic under a floaty summer dress. The bra has a white base with pink trim and a really nice pink bow in the middle. You can match it with a brief or thong and a bra & thong set will only cost you £24, but that’s not all, iat the time of writing you can get 2 bras for £25 and 2 knickers for £10 so get 2 sets for just £35 plus also make sure you find some Ann Summers vouchers to save even more.

If you’re looking for more plus size bra and underwear sets wonderful lingerie from top stores but at a bit of a saving then check out the Marks & Spencer savings available and also see if you can grab a bargain at Debenhams.

Paris Jackson Shows Off Bra Underwear In Totally Sheer Dress At The 2017 VMAs

There’s no question plus size bra and underwear sets all eyes were on Paris Jackson as she hit the VMAs red carpet. Rocking a risky see-through Dior gown, the star looked like a true vision as she tastefully flaunted her white undergarments.Paris Jackson, 19, brought her style A-game to the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 27 and everyone took notice.The daughter of the late Michael Jackson hit the red carpet in a trendy look that was both cool and chic, and she made it all her own with her dark eye makeup, statement earrings, and metallic heels. Paris boldly sported a sheer Christian Dior dress featuring floral embellishments, and underneath it she had on modest underwear and a white bra plastered with the designers name on it. Her gorgeous look not only showed off her tiny figure, but also put her numerous tattoos on full display.Click here to see pics of the hottest guys on the VMAs red carpet.

Paris undoubtedly looked sexy and confident at the awards show and we could not get enough of her old-Hollywood-styled locks coupled with her super modern makeup. Her ombre hair had a deep side part and was styled in loose waves while her eyes were super dark and her contouring was on point. WHAT a beauty! This may just be our favorite look from the star to date.

The model/actress plus size bra and underwear sets made it clear at the awards show that she’s a true style maven to watch out for. Let’s not forget that the 19-year-old signed with IMG Models earlier this year, and also landedher first Vogue coverin July. She even signed a seven-figure dealto be a face of Calvin Klein! Clearly this teen is embracing the fashion world and vice versa. In terms of acting, Paris willbemaking her feature film debutopposite Charlize Theron in an untitled David Edgerton-directedcomedic thriller for Amazon. We cannot wait to see her exercise her acting chops!