Mike Donovan, candidate for Richmond-Steveston

I’m Mike, and I helped start unparty.mike

See, I want to talk through issues with people in my area, and then know that our collective views will be carried to Victoria by our elected official. But that’s not how it works at all. So after becoming sufficiently disillusioned with the current political system, I decided to run myself.

I work in software development in Richmond for a company in the healthcare industry, and I’ve called Richmond home for about six years. One of my hobbies is gardening. I’m looking forward to this growing season when my wife, Chanel, and I can get our community vegetable garden going in the Terra Nova area.

But perhaps my favorite hobby is just talking to new acquaintances and learning what’s in their minds. How interesting are ideas and perspectives unlike my own! I hope to learn from you! Let’s move forward together.


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