Chanel Donovan, candidate for Richmond-Centre


I am Chanel, and I am one of the founders of unparty. I was born and raised in Shanghai, after graduation from university, I worked and lived in Singapore for 3 years as a financial analyst, then immigrated to Canada as a bank accountant under the Independent Category in late 1997. I started my winemaking business in 2003, and my winemaking business plan won the first Business Plan Contest by Canada/British Columbia Small Business Society in October 2003. Currently I am an accountant and office manager in one downtown law firm. So far, I have lived in Richmond since 2007.

About 10 years ago, I told my parents and some friends that I wanted to come out for election one day. In this 10 years, I still have a vision, I want to stand out to contribute to our society. As Martin Luther King said ‘I have a dream!’.

I would like to encourage all of you to stand out like me, we could make everything better, we could grow together. I don’t want to call it politics, I want to highlight people, people’s interests with unparty. You, him, her and me, we all make contribution into our life!

I am on wechat, my ID: sing4sunshine. Welcome to chat with me; I know you have a lots to suggest, a lots to questions, chat with me.


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  1. I agree with the idea. My own is similar. I think this can be utilised more effectively via social media. My concerns, however, are with future collection of citizens’ votes electronically, and specifically, how to do this as to avoid vote tampering. I have long held that the current Roman model of rule by republic only perpetuates fascism in which business interests control/manipulate government action rather than the will of the people. I believe that business is ultimately poison to any society and that it should be controlled rather than be allowed to control. A real democracy should be a government correctly exercising the directives of the citizens. Ultimately, I would like to see a system of government that is party-less; where leaders, and representatives, are determined by the people.

  2. The party-less way is how it is in our northern territories. But the populous and elected officials agree to do things a little differently. The idea with unparty is that we agree to a different type of politics (consensus), but there is no party line beyond that.

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