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Why unparty?

May 8, 2013 in Election 2013, unparty, WHY?

Now, governance is top-down. Unparty wants to play a part in the inevitable reversal to bottom-up. Government shouldn’t need to make so many decisions. The people should do this, and government should just execute our wishes.


Unparty is running two candidates in Richmond in the May 14 provincial election, Mike & Chanel, in order to promote the following:


  1. local consensus-building assemblies,
  2. politicians who bring the people’s decisions to Victoria, 
  3. an end to government lobbying,
  4. exceptional openness.

Frequent assemblies are held in each electoral district, open to everyone in that region. These abandon the old formula of speeches, Q&A sessions, and voting. Instead: discussion, deliberation and consensus-building. Every person is each others’ equal. The elected politician can participate as a peer but holds no special status. Experienced group facilitators are used. The residents set the agenda and priorities, and they devise solutions to problems together.

Each politician delivers the decisions made in these assemblies to Victoria. They discuss with the other elected members, and work together towards a common good. Consensus techniques are used in parliament too. Through discussion, they cross-pollinate ideas from one district to another. They report back to the assemblies. When the politicians in Victoria reach consensus, and have the agreement from their districts, policy or law is enacted.

There would be no benefit to large powerful lobbying organizations from trying to influencing the government. The government exists to implement the wishes of the citizens as expressed through the local assemblies. If business leaders, students, seniors, or any other advocacy group wish to express their views, they do so as citizens in the open consensus assemblies.

All assemblies are open to the district residents and video recordings of the proceedings are made available to everyone online. All meetings that politicians have are similarly broadcast and published online. Every email a politician writes in relation to governance or policy or law is automatically published online (with few exceptions).


  • Unparty embraces the value system of consensus decision-making (equality, participation, collaboration, inclusion, agreement-seeking), not only as some concept for governance, but also in the operation of this party.
  • Unparty’s goal is to be the most open party on Earth.

2 responses to Why unparty?

  1. Jenn said on May 1, 2013

    Love it; love everything about it! Would be difficult to keep order during Local Consensus assemblies though. There will always be that one person with insanely uninformed opinions who loves to hear themselves speak. Worth it though, I think. Unfortunately, if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that many people don’t want to think for themselves. Good luck, wish you were in my riding (North Van)!

    • mike said on May 8, 2013

      Thanks for the encouraging words. I figure if we are going to end adversarial politics, where better than at the grassroots?! Also, I accept that professional facilitators would be needed at these local citizens’ / consensus assemblies.

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