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Unparty in Richmond

May 8, 2013 in Election 2013, unparty

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Chanel Donovan, candidate Richmond-Centre

Chanel Donovan, candidate Richmond-Centre

We, Mike & Chanel, are running in Richmond in the upcoming election, May 14. We, personally, take no positions on healthcare, education, etc. Our proposal to you is straightforward and goes like this:

If elected, we will hold frequent local assemblies in Richmond open to the public. Richmond residents will decide which issues to discuss and what positions to take. We will aim for consensus decision-making and will use professional facilitators if necessary.

We, Mike and Chanel, will then take the conclusions from these assemblies and argue them in Victoria. Our own personal views are irrelevant.

Mike Donovan, candidate Richmond-Steveston

Mike Donovan, candidate Richmond-Steveston

We don’t believe that democracy should be a mere vote every four years. You should have meaningful influence whenever you want it.

Furthermore, our combined well-being needs more people to participate. At present, strong people with weak ideas have influence while regular people with strong ideas do not. We need to reverse this.

We hope you can consider agreeing to this proposal and giving us your vote on May 14, Mike Donovan in Steveston and Chanel Donovan in Richmond-Centre.

Chanel and Mike.

(A Georgia Straight article here.)

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  1. I wish you had a candidate in my riding. Love the concept, though I imagine people would find a way to corrupt your system too. We’re good at that. And so long as we have only 3 undecided voters out of (only) 80 attending a debate, perhaps we deserve a corrupted system.

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